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Our crèche provides a comfortable home-like where children are encouraged to grow and develop individually. Our focus is to assist our families in meeting their early childhood education needs

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Teachers provide activities and assess the children in the area of communication, physical development, personal, social and emotional development.

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We believe that children need to be actively involved in learning by engaging students in activities that help to further their social, emotional, physical, cognitive development.

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We aim at providing high quality education in a safe, motivating and pleasant learning environment so that all students are stimulated to achieve the best


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Michael & Cecilia Foundation Demonstration Schools

On behalf of the Proprietress of Michael and Cecilia Foundation Demonstration Schools (MCFDS), I am delighted to welcome you to this citadel of learning. We look forward to a successful partnership with you to make sure our learners/children achieve the desired result we all seek. As we look forward to having you our distinguish parents and prospective ones too. According to Stephen .R. Covey, one of the most profound learning of life is that if I must achieve my highest aspirations and overcome my greatest challenges there is a need for me to identify and apply the principle of natural law that governs the result I seek. Continue Reading

Polo Monica

- School Administrator

About Us

experiential Montessori type of education

The MCF Demonstration School is set in one of the most beautiful natural landscape in Agbarha Otor, Ughelli North, Delta State, Nigeria. We provide a broad base education of international standard to meet global needs. Adequate facilities and equipment of outstanding quality, green and serene environment, access to internet facilities and safe recreational facilities have been provided to support the learning process.

25+ Years
50+ Teachers
10+ Co-Curricular Activities
100% External Examination pass rate


10am, 27th May 2022

Children's Day

School Auditorium

9am, 29th May 2022

Democracy Day

Power of Faith Building

10am, 20th June 2022

Prom Day

Power of Faith Building

10am, 15th July 2022

Graduation day

Power of Faith Building

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At MCF Demonstration School, learning takes place with our pupils and students’ instructional needs in mind. Instructional expectations are clear, pupil and student centered and achievable. They are transparent to the entire school community.
MCF Demonstration Schools, Ibru village, Agbarha-Otor, Ughelli North, Delta State.
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