MCFDS Art ExhIibition
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MCFDS Art ExhIibition

MCFDS Art ExhIibition

Art, they say, is an expression of one’s inner desire. They are portrayed in pictures and they speak to the mind and heart of the artist and its admirers. This was the experience of our invited guests to the Art exhibition organized by Michael and Cecilia Foundation Demonstration School on the 30th June, 2018 at the MCFDS Hall.

It was an exciting event as parents and invited guest were present to see their wards artistic works on display at the hall.

The programme kicked off as the anchor, Mr. Osigwe Christopher Emeka welcomed all the invited guests and students. He then gave the floor to the Art teacher – Miss. Uadiale Marvis who gave a  brief them on the exhibition. She then introduced the Guest Speaker -Associate Professor Salubi Onakufe who declared the exhibition open. Prof. Salubi is a renowned visual artist whose work has been recognized/exhibited in Nigeria and on the international scene.

After giving a brief talk about the impact of art on our society, Prof.Salubi eulogized the Ibru family for their passion and drive in education, he also applauded the students for their artistic works. He advised the students to venture into Fine and Applied Art so that they can also make global impacts as well. “Great things start little just like the mustard seed, there is no artwork that is bad, they are all your personal expression of how you feel at a given time. For Art is Life and Life is Art.

He admonished the parents present to encourage their children in their pursuits and artistic expressions.

The students were invited to talk about their artworks Onyeisi Emmanuel, whose work, Redemption was on display, talked about the beauty of that Cross which symbolizes salvation for believers.

Eke Janice presented a painting which she titled determination. The piece showed a little girl with an umbrella going to school in the rain.  Janice posited that going to school in such circumstances showed that she values her education.

Echeta David showed us the beauty in the mundane through his Peacock and Beach painting.

Parents and invited guests then went around the hall to admire and buy some of the artworks. It was a beautiful outing by the students.


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