Celebrating The Unity in Our Diversity
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Celebrating The Unity in Our Diversity

Celebrating The Unity in Our Diversity

Culture they say is the way of life. It is what defines the heritage of a people, this was experienced at the power of faith building of the Michael and Cecilia Ibru University on the 5th day of October, 2018, where the students of Michael and Cecilia Foundation Demonstration Schools came out to celebrate our nation’s independence day in their lovely cultural attires.

The hall was fully packed with students, parents and invited guests who came to grace the wonderful occasion. The event was declared open by the Public Relations Officer of Michael and Cecilia Ibru University, Mr. Lawrence Abuke who after the opening prayer invited the President and Co-founder of the MCF Group of Schools, Dr. Mrs. Cecilia Ibru to give her speech.

The president congratulated the students for showcasing their culture while encouraging them to uphold the moral and aesthetic values of their diverse communities.

She said: “As students, one of the things you are doing in school is to learn to take charge because you are on a quest for excellence. You need to work hard because nothing good comes easy.

The cultural day celebration was accompanied by an independence day speech titled: “The Role of Youths in Actualizing the Nigerian Vision”. This was delivered by Scholar Nwajiobi Success. She noted that if the Nigerian vision is to be achieved, youths must be intellectually resourceful and well prepared to take responsible judgments about difficult matters of moral importance. This is because it has been observed that good moral values such as clarity, honesty, commitment, diligence, endurance, flexibility, generosity etcetera, are the right values and if properly imbibed in the youths, there is a guarantee for a better future in the country. This will ultimately help in the quest for a greater Nigeria.

Scholar Nwajiobi Success delivering her speech

There was a standing ovation for Scholar Nwajiobi Success after the delivery of her thought evoking speech.

Then came the time for the beauty pageant as the students of MCF Demonstration School were asked questions about their cultural attires, traditional food, and traditional songs.

The Vice-Chancellor MCIU dancing with the students to a cultural performance

The highlight of the event was when all the different tribes came out in their numbers to dance to their different traditional songs. Parents joined their children on the podium as they danced in joy and happiness to the wonderful melodious tunes of their cultural songs

The program came to an end with Scholar Anago Benefit saying the closing prayer. The program showed that culture is a unifying factor that holds the soul of a nation.


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