Career Day: A day in the Life of an MCFDS Student
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Career Day: A day in the Life of an MCFDS Student

Career Day: A day in the Life of an MCFDS Student


Students at Michael and Cecilia Foundation Demonstration School (MCFDS) got a chance to see and hear from experts in a variety of fields at the school’s annual career day celebration. The event featured occupations in over ten major career clusters including Medicine, Engineering, Law, Aviation, Banking, Athletics and much more.

An attentive student  engrossed in the lecture

The event took place at the MCF Demonstration School Hall on the 18th of January 2019. The event had the scholars of MCF Demonstration School dressed in their prospective career profession.

The Vice Principal, Mr.Erico Akwopha introduced the first speaker of the day Dr.Ojarikre Patrick, a Medical Consultant. 

Dr. Patrick Ojarikre speaking to the Student

Dr.Ojarikre Patrick spoke on how students can know their career path by knowing what specific subjects they are good at and knowing how to work on themselves. 

He advised that MCF Demonstration School employs a Guidance Counselor who would help to guide the students on the choice of the career path they intend to take. He said as students with young minds, you have sharp intelligent quotient and nothing is on your mind at this stage.

So you have to take your studies very seriously, never accept defeat and always tell yourself you can achieve anything you put your mind to do if you believe.

Barr. Austin Ayovwe giving the students effective study tips

The second speaker, Barr. Austin Ayovwe admonished the students to be hardworking, focused and goal-oriented. He gave a brief story about his upbringing and despite all the challenges he encountered, he was focused on his goal of becoming a lawyer.

He said for you to study law, you must love literature. You must be good with your English language. Never let peer pressure force you into taking a career path you don’t have the proper foundation in.

A young Barrister Ayovwe paying close attention to the speaker

Remember to always do what you are passionate about. You cannot love physics and say you want to study Law.

The students were inspired to working hard to achieve their dream goal and making their parents proud.

Christian Religious Studies Teacher Mr.Lekan looking on

Highlights of the event were the moment questions were asked by the scholars on what areas they could work on if they lack interest in some core subject that was mandatory for them to have good grades.

The career day was an eye opener for all the scholars as it gave them a new mindset that in order to scale new heights they must study, remain focused and be committed to their future career path.

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