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The MCF Demonstration School is set in one of the most beautiful natural landscape in Agbarha Otor, Ughelli North, Delta State, Nigeria. We provide a broad base education of international standards to meet global needs. Adequate facilities and equipment of outstanding quality, a green and serene environment, access to internet facilities and safe recreational facilities have been provided to support the learning process.

The MCF Demonstration School is a place where the quest for excellence is constantly sought for in a changing world. It is also build to raise well rounded high achieving students who will be top flyers in tertiary education and research. At MCF Demonstration School, pupils and students will receive experiential Montessori type of education that will enable them to relate to their God given abilities to His Glory and become useful members to the society.

At MCF Demonstration School, learning takes place with our pupils and students’ instructional needs in mind. Instructional expectations are clear, pupil and student centered and achievable. They are transparent to the entire school community.


The school ensures that there is uninterrupted power supply and in the event where there is shortage of power supply by PHCN, there are other alternate source of power supply which includes generator and inverters.

The school has made adequate provisions for constant water supply for all its pupils and student.

MCF Demonstration school provides first class boarding facilities that is unique and classical. The house masters/mistresses are devoted to the welfare of all boarders. The boarding system is tailored to inculcate the right values and principles in every student as they co-exist in the hostels.

Students can always be sure of fresh and balanced nutritious meals prepared by experienced and God-fearing caterers. The school offer boarding facilities that are needed for students normal welfare and it is particularly arranged for full time-study and occasional play.  Student in MCF demonstration secondary school are bound to stay in the school hostel, where they will learn to take responsibility for all their actions. Students will learn to be self-sufficient, matured and prepared for life in the world at large.

Hostel life enable student to acquire unique and positive skills. With every challenge, the student learns more about himself which helps the student to experience personal growth and increase self-confidence.

Green Environment

MCF Demonstration school is located in a serene and secluded environment that is free from noise and air pollution. It is a school where excellent leadership skills, moral and spiritual values are developed.

The school environment is green which makes the school eco-friendly for students. The eco-friendly nature of the school environment contributes green living and practices that help to conserve resources like water and energy. It also prevents combustion, water and land pollution thereby making the school environment conducive for learning.


MCF Demonstration Schools, Ibru village, Agbarha-Otor, Ughelli North, Delta State.
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