Life at MCFDS

success is our ultimate goal as an institution

We ensure that their academic life is in tandem with their co-curricular activities to ensure a balanced system. The atmosphere of hunger for knowledge is created at all times in our school as well.

Life at MCFDS

MCF Demonstration School has invested massively in modern e-learning Technology, creating an entirely e-learning environment for distinctive excellence in a changing word. MCF Demonstration School as a fully ICT compliant school showcase a type of service that allows students to conduct research from the convenience of the School library and school in general.

It is a school where the reading culture is given priority, the school library is well shocked with books in such a way as to create conducive environment for reading. Most of the books are international authorship.

The library is open to staff and students alike, both for reading and borrowing. Library staffs are available to render necessary assistance. The school continues to increase the volume of books in its coffers.


At MCF Demonstration School, each Pupil/ward is entitled to a laptop, which will give them unfettered access to information at all times. Students will also be able to do their assignment and have access to material use for learning and versatile in the use of computers for information gathering to enable the student produce superior result.

The school has state of the arts smart boards, and classrooms which are well ventilated and conducive for learning

Well-equipped science laboratories for all science subject

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

At MCF Demonstration School curriculum is made flexible enough to incorporate sporting activities. Every child is expected to be engaged in one form of sporting activity or the other at the time specified for it. Students will engage in both indoor and outdoor games ranging from playing ludo, swimming, horse riding, football, basketball, etc.

The School organizes musical concerts which is one of the numerous extra-curricular activities students are expected to participate in during the course of schooling.

Each student has a patch on which they work, to grow Okro, Vegetable, Pumpkin leaves, and corn.

MCF Demonstration Schools, Ibru village, Agbarha-Otor, Ughelli North, Delta State.
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