MCF Demonstration Schools joins the rest of the World to Celebrate the International Women’s Day

The world celebrates women’s accomplishments on March 8 and issues a call to action to hasten gender equity. Recognizing that equality and equity are not the same thing is the subject of embracing equity. While equity acknowledges that different people have different needs and experiences and calls for action to level the playing field, equality seeks to treat everyone equally.

Adopting equity requires identifying and removing the structural obstacles that keep women from realizing their maximum potential. It entails listening to all women’s needs, particularly those of those who have traditionally been marginalized, and fighting for laws and initiatives that support them. Adopting equality also entails establishing welcoming workplaces, neighbourhoods, and societies where each woman can prosper.

People all over the globe advocate for gender equality and celebrate the accomplishments of women on International Women’s Day. It is an opportunity to increase understanding of the difficulties women experience and to take action to address those difficulties. We can strive to make the world more just and equal for all women by embracing equity.

We at MCF Demonstration Schools are passionate about ensuring our young girls and female teachers maximize their potentials.

Oscar Mena

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