Michael and Cecilia Foundation Demonstration Nursery School has a strong identity, a sound philosophy, a firm understanding of developmentally appropriate practices and  nurtures independence creativity in children. Colouring and drawing are art activities that inspire originality and let children express themselves. It strengthens the finger grasp so children can hold pencil correctly when they are in kindergarten.

Circle time is when children do hands-on learning and exploration, ask questions without waiting for turns and learn from one another. Phonological awareness is taught in an explicit way. Here, reading, music, games and movements are the  awesome ways of teaching phonological awareness.

Numeracy concepts, such as problem-solving, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, grouping of tens and units are taught. Numeracy manipulative (pattern blocks, unfix cubes, counters) are used by children to play in many ways. They learn by participating during open-play periods using the cash register, stringing beads, using  charts and blocks are encouraged.

Social skills are modeled by the teacher and practiced by the pupils throughout the day. Teachers help children understand what non-verbal communication is (facial expression, body language) and how to read it. Small group activities are where real learning takes place and it includes cooperative learning projects as well as autonomous exploration (independent examination). Children are also taught to develop attitudes of God’s love towards one another and recite simple prayers.

Teachers have the desired skills needed to help every child learn.  They are patient with children, respectful, creative and flexible. There is a good relationship between pupils and teachers, teachers and parents.

Mrs. Queeneth Ibe



We provide a broad based education of international standards to meet global neeeds. Adequate facilities and equipments of outstanding qualities, green and serene environment, access to internet facilities and safe recreational facilities have been provided to support learning process

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