A well-rounded education should be the core priority of all parents who desire to relish their child’s tomorrow. Tomorrow is the future we have built from today’s endeavours.  At Michael and Cecilia foundations Demonstration Primary School we believe that education does not only develop academic skills, but also furnishes pupils with experiences that nurture aptitude in critical thinking, problem-solving and  teamwork.

Furthermore, a good education gives the child so much in arts, music, sport and other enrichments within and outside the curriculum, with enormous benefits. Pupils who have tackled a broad subject range tend to have better developed life attributes, such as  creativity, persistence, and the ability to communicate and collaborate. A well-rounded education tends to give pupils a more positive outlook on learning, exposure to arts helps pupils develop more self-control and a better ability to cooperate with peers, coupled with less violent and aggressive responses. Pupils who participate in some sort of education requiring movement and exercise tend to have higher cognitive abilities.

Those who had a varied education tend to develop better study habits and perform better in college.

A good education is not a luxury for today’s pupils, it is an absolute necessity to prepare pupil for the reality of today’s world. Almost all professions and careers  requires an interdisciplinary understanding and out-of-the-box thinking, which can best be cultivated through a well-rounded education.

We owe our children the best, and giving them the best education justifies it all. At MCF Demonstration Primary School, this is what we provide.

Adewale Gbenga



We provide a broad based education of international standards to meet global neeeds. Adequate facilities and equipments of outstanding qualities, green and serene environment, access to internet facilities and safe recreational facilities have been provided to support learning process

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