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On behalf of the Proprietress of Michael and Cecilia Foundation Demonstration Schools (MCFDS), I am delighted to welcome you to this citadel of learning. We look forward to a successful partnership with you to make sure our learners/children achieve the desired result we all seek. As we look forward to having you our distinguish parents and prospective ones too. According to Stephen .R. Covey, one of the most profound learning of life is that if I must achieve my highest aspirations and overcome my greatest challenges there is a need for me to identify and apply the principle of natural law that governs the result I seek.

This is applicable to all our learners as their success is our ultimate goal as an institution. The application of those principles that yield positive results vary greatly and will be solely determined by each student’s unique strength, talents, and creativity. This is where we come in as a school using all of our knowledge, technical know-how through all available means (teachers, instructors, leaders) to impart the learners. Academic success just like success in general is derived from acting in harmony with the principle to which the success is tied.

As a school, we use the word of God as a guide to help the children conquer their fear, to teach them the virtue of patience, hard work, diligence, honesty, and the need to live in harmony with each other as a school community. We ensure that their academic life is in tandem with their co-curricular activities to ensure a balanced system. The atmosphere of hunger for knowledge is created at all times in our school as well. The body, mind, heart, and spirit of our learners are equipped in such a way that they believe they can achieve anything they set out to do.

We are in the sector where life is built and this opportunity we are given by you our parents will never be toiled with. We are committed to ensuring your child(ren)/ward(s), welfare is our priority because if we get it right with your child(ren)/ ward(s), then we have gotten it right with the community, state, and the nation at large.

My hands are always open to receiving you our esteemed parents any time as I am here to serve you. It is my desire to see your child (ren)/ ward(s) fly above all forms of limitations that there is because at MCFDS we pride ourselves as agent of positive change where we nurture our learners to aspire to become whom they are destined to be.

I am elated to have you with us on this journey to greatness. Together we will all contribute our part to seeing our learners make it. Thank you for being part of our large family.


Polo Monica
The School Administrator


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